The general office of the communist party of China central committee and the general office of the state council have issued new regulations, which will promote the standardization, institutionalization and procedural work of central ecological and environmental protection supervision and promote local green development, industry experts said.

Promote standardized development

General office of the central committee of the communist party of China and the state council general office recently issued the central ecological environment protection and supervision work regulations, clear the central ecological environment protection and supervision work content, organization, personnel, as well as the supervision object, supervision procedure and authority, supervision of discipline and responsibility, etc., for the inspector to solve the prominent ecological environment problems, improve the ecological environment quality, promote the development of high quality as the key point, strengthen construction of ecological civilization and ecological environment protection and political responsibility, strengthening supervision accountability, forming warning shock, to promote the work carries out, implement, administer thoroughly, the good life is to constantly meet people's increasing needs.

Chang jiwen, deputy director of the resources and environmental policy research institute of the development research center of the state council, told China news service that the release of the document will promote the standardization, institutionalization and procedures of the central environmental protection inspector, and is a tool to implement the party and government responsibilities of environmental protection.At the same time, the document also USES a lot of space to regulate the behavior of inspectors, and restrain the words and deeds of inspectors, such as the important situation and major problems found in the inspectors, the members of the inspection team shall not take the position and dispose of it without permission.

The first round of central environmental inspectors has been fruitful

But perfunctory rectification is still more

In order to promote local party committees, the government to carry out the ecological environment protection of main body responsibility, since December 2015, lasted three years, the ecological environmental protection supervision to complete the 31 provincial administrative regions and complete coverage of the first round of the xinjiang production and construction corps inspectors, and in 2018, is divided into two group of about 20 at the provincial level administrative region to carry out the "look back", more than 500 hand over to the local ecological environment damage responsibility question, accepts the populace to report more than 212000, direct drive more than 150000 people around the ecological environment problems.Among them, more than 40,000 were fined 2.46 billion yuan;It investigated 2,303 cases and detained 2,264 people in administrative and criminal detention.

The ecological and environmental protection, deputy director of the office of the inspector Liu Changgen said that overall, across all attach great importance to the ecological environmental protection supervision work, the inspector improvement as a major political task, important people's livelihood engineering, major development issues to arrange, and establish the implementation of a set of supervisory, audit, inspection, examination and accountability mechanism, has achieved obvious results.

At the same time, the inspectors also found that some of the local ecological environmental protection, formalism and bureaucracy still more, some places and departments work style is lax untrue, promote bear face difficult problems when the rectification is not enough, there are some places in advancing inspector rectification, once encounter contradiction, development and protection is often at the expense of the environment for growth.What's worse, in order to deal with the inspectors, some local governments even disregard the credibility of party committees and governments to forge official documents in an attempt to muddle through.

We will promote the sharing of party and government responsibilities

"One size fits all" inspectors will be punished

The regulations, to deliberately provides false information, conceal, distortion, false facts, taking focused to cease the suspension until "one size fits all" approach to deal with the case such as supervision, depending on the seriousness of the principal party and government leadership and other relevant persons responsible, 'giving critical education, organize processing or party disciplinary action in accordance with the law, administrative sanction.Those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to supervisory organs or judicial organs for handling according to law.

"Some local authorities and departments do not act or take responsibility at ordinary times, and only rush to take temporary measures when inspectors move in.There are some places or departments to deal with the inspector rectification, peacetime efforts are not enough, to the inspector, urgent requirements to stop production.Liu changgen said, "one size fits all" is the central ecological and environmental protection supervision of the "senior black", in the discovery of these problems, the inspector office specifically made clear the prohibition of "one size fits all" specific requirements, supervision group timely exposure of some typical cases, also requires the local serious treatment of a number of specific problems.

Chang said the document will encourage local governments to develop a correct outlook on development and establish a merit-based view of promoting environmental protection.The central ecological and environmental protection supervision can only "kill the dead" and make local party committees and governments take real responsibility for the green development of the region.

In addition to abiding by the law, local governments should also strengthen infrastructure construction such as sewage and garbage treatment to improve their environmental protection capacity, chang said.

We will resolutely fight against pollution

The second round of central ecological protection supervision will be launched soon

The second round of central ecological protection supervision will be launched soon.Liu changgen said that in the future work, we more emphasize the inspector effect.We need to pay more attention to preventing environmental pollution and ecological damage at the source, and fight hard to prevent and control pollution.We will pay more attention to the impact of industrial structure layout on the ecological environment, and promote the implementation of policies and measures such as industrial structure adjustment and layout optimization, which will drive high-quality economic development.

Liu changgen also said that in the first round of supervision and "look back" on the basis of practice, will take the central regulations on ecological and environmental protection supervision work as an opportunity to constantly improve the supervision system, continue to standardize the supervision behavior, to ensure the supervision work is clean.