Intellectual Property Rights and Awards


Five national invention patents were authorized, seven substantive examinations and one utility model patent.

A Road Route Selection Method Based on Low Air Pollution Exposure Risk

A Method of Generating Polygon Chain in Topology Set of Geographic Information System

A Method for Real-time Estimation of PM 2.5 Concentration in Central City Based on Road Traffic Flow

A Method for Repairing Missing Data in Urban Air Mass Concentration Detection

A Method of Urban Boundary Extraction Based on Multispectral Remote Sensing Data and Night Lighting Remote Sensing Data

Atmospheric Sampling Miniature Cutting Head

1Fast extraction method of daytime fog based on H8/AHI
2A fast automatic detection method for night fog
3AOD products incorporating multi-feature geographic parameters
4A method for inversion of heavy metal content in combined indoor and outdoor soil spectra
5A calculation method of public air pollution exposure risk measurement index
6Retrieval Modeling of Soil Heavy Metal Cd Content Based on Hyperspectral Characteristics of Indoor Standard Samples and Identification Method of Spectral Response Characteristic Band
7An Optimal Spatial Scale Selection Method for Air Pollution Statistical Modeling Variables
21 computer software copyright registrations and 3 industry awards

Population Environmental Exposure Survey System

Registration No.:2019SR0034939

Data Management Platform for Air Pollution Exposure Measurement and Health Risk Analysis

Registration No.:2019SR0009051

Air Pollution Monitoring and Prediction Platform

Registration No.:2019SR0039687

Visual Monitoring Platform for Exposure Risk

Registration No.:2018SR218303

Visual Monitoring Platform for Air Pollution Population Exposure

Registration No.:2019SR0008931

A Tool Software for Risk Assessment of Air Pollution Exposure under Multi-Source Weighted Model

Registration No.:2013SR092138

Software for Spatial Identification and Risk Rapid Diagnosis of Air Pollution Exposure Sources in Nearest Neighbor Mode

Registration No.:2013SR011098

Spatio-temporal Statistical Platform for Air Pollution Exposure Risk

Registration No.:2019SR0008941

Spatio-temporal Source Analysis Platform for Air Pollution Exposure Risk

Registration No.:2019SR0009051

Air Pollution Data Acquisition and Management System

Registration No.:2017SR378310

Visual Monitoring Platform for Individual Air Pollution Exposure

Registration No.:2019SR0008935

Healthy Travel Route Dynamic Planning System

Registration No.:2016SR297228

Hunan Urban Air Quality Real-time Publishing System--Android Platform Mobile Client Software

Registration No.:2014SR133851

APP Software for Simulated Measurement of Personal PM2.5 Exposure

Registration No.:2018SR218291

APP Software for Healthy Travel Path Planning

Registration No.:2018SR279436

Soil Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment System

Registration No.:2012SR108000

Spatial Identification System for Risk Assessment and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites

Registration No.:2015SR000157

Surface Hyperspectral Inversion System for Heavy Metal Content in Soil

Registration No.:2017SR666253

Audit and Diagnosis System for the Flow of Hazardous Metals (Arsenic) in Lead Smelting

Registration No.:2013SR041033

Audit and Diagnosis System for the Flow of Hazardous Elements (Arsenic) in Copper Flash Smelting

Registration No.:2014SR006838

Dynamic Analytical System of Arsenic Pollution Sources in Copper Smelting Process

Registration No.:2016SR297271

A National Prize for Advancement of Geographic Information Science and Technology

Two National Second Prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress in Surveying and Mapping