Environmental Big Data Resource Center
Realize multi-sector data interconnection through advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing, strengthen the use and mining of ecological data resources, and realize the whole process management of environmental monitoring, supervision, law enforcement and governance, and provide scientific and effective tools for comprehensive environmental emergency command and decision-making.
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Fully integrate data resources and centralized management.

Organically integrate various data, construct data resource catalogs and standard systems, realize unified storage of data and centralized management, and solve the problem of data inconsistency, non-standardization and incompleteness.

Realize environmental data sharing and break the "isolated information island"

Establish a standardized environmental data sharing exchange standard, solve the "isolated information island" problem, realize the sharing and exchange of environmental data across departments and regions, and improve the utilization of data resources.

Fully tap the value of data to assist decision making

Relying on rich ecological data resources to carry out data mining, multi-dimensional analysis and comparison, evaluate and predict the environmental conditions, and provide data support for different macro environmental protection strategy decisions.