Water environment monitoring and decision support
With the support of the internet of things and remote sensing technology, realize real-time access to water environment monitoring data, comprehensively explore and visualize the current status of the water environment, to provide a strong guarantee for the daily water environment affairs management, and promote the precise management of water environment problems.
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Accurate three-dimensional monitoring

Connect the water quality monitoring site to clearly display the real-time/historical water quality, water quality changes and trends, water quality compliance rates, etc.

Fully integrated GIS "one map"

Provide water quality map service, carry out fine simulation of water quality in the whole basin, provide regional governance assessment ranking, provide guarantee for daily water environment management.

River (lake) chief system inter-departmental, multi-level, and inter-site cooperation management capabilities

The river chief system comprehensive management information display platform realizes the water pollution dynamic tracking and traceability, real-time accountability to each river (lake) chief, and the whole basin refined supervision, to reduce the pressure on government affairs.

Pollution source governance assessment

Support the law enforcement of pollution sources, track and compare the water quality before and after governance, and evaluate the effectiveness of governance.

Real-time forecast and warning of water environment

Provide optimal distribution plan for emissions, control scenarios for pollution reduction measures, achieve water quality target program selection and provide multi-directional assistance for water quality improvement goals.

Water quality monitoring and evaluation

The platform realizes synchronous collection of water quality monitoring data based on water quality monitoring equipment. Using data validation mechanisms to verify the monitoring data and providing environmental management with real and effective monitoring data. The monitoring data is evaluated and statistically analyzed, and the visual display is realized in the form of GIS maps and charts, helping the environmental management department to timely and accurately grasp the water quality compliance rate, water quality status, change trend, water quality warning information, etc. And provide reliable decision-making basis for environmental supervision and management.

Water pollution diffusion simulation

Based on the water pollution diffusion model, the two-dimensional visual dynamic simulation of the migration, diffusion and convergence of water environment pollutants is carried out, which can show the whole process of pollution source diffusion in a more intuitive form. When water pollution events occur, the pollution prediction of water environment in the basin can be realized, providing a scientific basis for management and decision making.

Water environment capacity estimation

According to the national relevant discharge standards, using the water quality model, hydrodynamic model and other methods, based on elevation data and water network data, the water environment capacity of each basin is estimated and displayed. Accurately estimating the water environment capacity can provide environmental management department with scientific basis in policy and system making.

 Estimation of water environmental capacity  Water quality standards and current situation  
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