Air quality monitoring and decision support
The air quality monitoring and decision support platform is based on new technologies such as internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence. It integrates system comprehensive sensing, data intelligent cleaning and auditing, deep information mining to realize data intelligent analysis and trend warning, and improve air quality supervision and comprehensive decision-making capabilities.
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Comprehensive Instrument Perception

24*365 all-weather unmanned watching, regional fine-grained comprehensive internet of things, to truly realize fine real-time online IOT monitoring of regional time and space.

Multi-source monitoring data integration

Cloud intelligent cleaning and auditing integrated storage management of IOT data, remote sensing data, meteorological data, GPS data and other multi-dimensional, multi-type data.

Integrated Management Modernization

Air quality GIS "one map" display, to realize data demonstrating. And schedule video surveillance information in the polluted hotspot area at any time.

Intelligent Computing Model

Encapsulate the model library to assist in data intelligence analysis and information deep mining.

Proactive Governance Service

Turn passive supervision into active prevention, spatially trace to pollution, dynamically assess pollution control effects, to improve the superior supervision effect.

Scientific Decision-Making

Establish a leadership intelligent emergency command center, to achieve comprehensive, in-depth decision support and data-assisted analysis platform.

Air quality monitoring and evaluation

Provide evaluation and analysis services of ambient air quality and air pollution at different areas, different functional points and different time periods, discover the change and characteristics of pollution in “time, space, and material”, and help the environmental management department to comprehensively, timely and accurately master the state of ambient air quality in the area.

Air pollution diffusion simulation

When the enterprise exceeds the standard discharge or an environmental emergency occurs, the platform can carry out visual diffusion simulation on the electronic map, and comprehensively judge the scope of the event, the way of impact, the duration and the degree of damage, which can provide rapid response for emergency monitoring and disposal with intuitive scientific decision making.

Air environmental capacity estimate

Based on meteorological parameters, pollution discharge inventory and control point environmental monitoring data, the air environment capacity calculation model is used to evaluate the atmospheric environment pollution load and atmospheric environmental capacity, and to analyze the compliance status of air pollution control points, which provide the management of atmospheric environment with data support.

Pollution source emission list display    Pollution source emission list display    Atmospheric standards and current status
Licensed emissions estimate

The platform, under the support of environmental capacity estimation results, combined with elevation data, functional area planning data, overall land use planning data, and EIA results, scientifically estimate pollution permit emissions, to provide an effective basis for reporting or changing pollutant discharge permits and formulating pollution emissions plan for management enterprises.

Environmental improvement decision making and advice

The platform, based on the estimation of environmental capacity and pollution permit emissions, through the scenario control simulation for pollution reduction measures, provide emission reduction measures and recommendations for controllable pollution sources, which provide decision support for the environmental management department to develop a scientific pollution control plan.

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