Soil pollution management and restoration decision support
The soil pollution management and restoration decision support platform provides support for rapid assessment of soil site pollution risks and space identification for site remediation caused by heavy metals and organic pollutants, and assists in medium and long-term soil pollution prevention and control decisions.
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Air-Space Integrated detection of soil pollution

Based on satellite, unmanned aerial vehicle, vehicle and other space platform to achieve a large-scale, scientific and efficient integrated detection.

Traceability of pollutants

Effectively identify the type and distribution of pollutants, accurately trace the source, and pursue the enterprise.

Pollutant risk assessment

Quantitatively assess the health effects of pollutants on the surrounding population, sort the contaminated areas, and generate management reports..

Soil space restoration decision

Spatialize the contaminated area, conduct spatial identification and repair decision analysis for the repaired space, to provide space repair decision support for the government and its management personnel.