Comprehensive monitoring of pollution sources
In order to comprehensively and accurately grasp the overall situation of pollution sources, strengthen the main responsibility of corporate environmental compliance, a comprehensive monitoring platform for pollution sources is established. The platform strives to meet the environmental management departments’ needs for daily supervision and random sampling of pollution sources, and sharing information on pollution source supervision. At the same time, it also lays the foundation for the in-depth analysis of the ecological environment.
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Pollution source emission monitoring

The platform provides environmental management departments with real and effective key enterprise pollution emission monitoring data. Use statistical analysis, visual display and other functions to help environmental supervising department to intuitively grasp the pollution discharge situation, constrain corporate illegal emissions and provide data support for pollution reduction and total control.

Recognition of industrial night evasion

Pollution source business management

The platform, integrating business data such as environmental assessment, licensing, monitoring, and punishment, using big data analysis methods to comprehensive analysis, forms a full life cycle supervision of pollution source enterprises, and establishes a “one source, one file” mechanism, to master the details of corporate environmental behavior and provide scientific data decision support for the regulation of pollution sources.

Remote sensing monitoring of pollution sources

Remote sensing technology and data model analysis system are used to comprehensively monitor the increase, decrease and activity status of pollution sources, which can achieve rapid update of pollution source data and effectively monitor the smuggling of pollution sources.

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