Integrated management of environment supervising
Through the environmental informatization means of closed-loop management of the monitoring tasks to regulate the environmental supervision and law enforcement behaviors. Focus on solving the problems of inadequate supervision responsibility and incomplete regulatory areas, and enhance the effectiveness of environmental law enforcement supervision.
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Multi-source monitoring task summary

Realize the full coverage of environmental monitoring incidents, including environmental administrative penalties, special actions, audit management, environmental petition, random checks, etc.

Monitoring task intelligent distribution

On the basis of laws, the supervision and enforcement tasks will be standardized and enumerated, and each task will be distributed to specific executives.

Monitoring task processing tracking

Track and display the monitoring task processing process, and list the unprocessed, processing, and processed task information; early warning of the task processing time can be made through the early warning radar.

Monitoring result audit output

The management personnel review the disposal results and automatically archive them through the audit results; form a list of monitoring event disposition results and support the function of disposition result export.

Environmental monitoring aid decision

Based on GIS maps and statistical charts, the supervising task in the jurisdiction is analyzed and displayed according to the type, time, personnel and other factors, assisting managers in scientific assessment and decision making.

Supervisory management

Manage the information of law enforcement personnel, and provide comprehensive quality assessment, to implement tasks and responsibilities.

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