Emergency management of environmental early warning
According to the professional needs of environmental emergency, based on the whole process control concept of environmental emergency events, an environmental early warning emergency management platform that combines information technology, communication technology and GIS technology is established, which can realize rapid, timely and accurate response and disposal of environmental emergencies.
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Water environment warning

Provide warnings for environmental protection personnel to make emergency decisions and measures when the water quality factor exceeds the safety threshold or normal standards.

Air environmental warning

Provide early warning information release mechanism for heavy pollution, and provide pollution control tips, to provide decision support for emergency handling of extreme air conditions.

Environmental pollution impact analysis

Carry out visual diffusion simulation, automatically draw out dangerous zones, buffer zones and safety zones, and comprehensively judge the impact scope, impact mode, duration and degree of hazard of the event, to provide quick and intuitive scientific decision-making basis for emergency monitoring and disposal.

Environmental emergency management

Establish an environmental emergency business database, and collect basic data such as emergency organization, emergency tasks, emergency resources, emergency knowledge, and emergency cases; taking emergency command and decision analysis as the core, realize the electronic and process-oriented emergency response plan; provides visual emergency response back analysis and display interface, while supporting the generation of customized reports.

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