Environmental mobile law enforcement dispatch
Based on advanced technology concepts such as GIS visualization, SOA architecture, converged communication, and mobile intelligent terminals, and focusing on environmental management department's administrative law enforcement business needs, the platform provides functions such as visual scheduling, event management and service management, to enhance law enforcement management efficiency and scientific decision-making ability in an all-round way, to achieve unified management, coordination, and scheduling.
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Visual scheduling

Location tracking, area control, real-time monitoring and effective scheduling of law enforcement officers/vehicles based on maps.

Event management

To unified management, disposal, and follow-up the events collected by the channels, including automatically monitored events, manually entered events and other system-push events.

Service management

Based on daily service work, develop a cycle plan for daily attendance and attendance tasks, to effectively allocate resources
Record feedback on task execution process and results, and form a service log for quick tracking backtracking in the future

Scheduling surveillance video

Access to various types of monitoring equipment for unified management
View live multi-channel surveillance video
Share the video being viewed to a designated group

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