Smart environmental protection APP
Relying on the advantages of real-time and convenience of intelligent mobile terminal, the government and public version of the smart environmental protection APP is built to provide smart and environmentally friendly mobile online services. The government version of the APP provides executives with a mobile monitoring system systemized service. The public version of the APP provides the public with new channels for participating in environmental protection.
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Fit to public health needs

Provide users with practical health functions such as customized health travel planning and environmental trend forecasting.

Open government law enforcement and public reporting

Upload public reports pictures and text messages, and real-time feedback the handling progress of management staff. To involve the public to participate in the environmental protection work, and implement a government that is active, responsible and concerned with the masses.

Multi-platform collaborative office

Cross-platform collaboration using mobile phones, tablets, SMS, mail services, computers, etc. Instant release environmental information and quality information.

Multitasking collaborative management

Achieve online management of environmental protection violation punishment tasks and key pollution source emission reduction tasks, innovative environmental law enforcement methods, and improve environmental law enforcement effectiveness.

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